University of Colorado, Boulder

Graduate Research Assistant

I study collective intelligence through a bio-physics approach. I have several active projects ranging from: spherical infrared tracking of small objects, spatial-temporal swarm reconstructions, network analysis of criticality in multi-agent systems, electromagnetic wavelength clustering of neurons, and PCA of firefly spatial flash modes.

I anticipate my thesis will be focused on two main directions:

1) How do optimal methods of information transfer emerge in complex systems, and what role does structure play in facilitating global vs local propagation?

2) Can dynamic systems utilize spatial-temporal movements to encode additional information into their communication networks? We typically think of intelligent systems as binary, but perhaps the inclusion of spatial movements could increase efficiency and versatility of communication methods.

Sandia National Laboratories

R&D S&E Cybersecurity

At Sandia National Laboratories, I provided AI and ML solutions to complex cybersecurity emulation problems.

I used to hold the position of R&D S&E - Cybersecurity, as a member of the technical staff. As an employee at Sandia, I got the opportunity to work with some of the brightest scientists and engineers in the world, and I'm incredibly proud of the results my team produced. Some of my previous projects included the development of a novel AI Planning agent, solving dynamic graph traversal problems, and deploying big data analytics on over 6 petabytes of network traffic data.